Additional detail & information can be found at the following websites:

Plastic Bag recycling at WSM

Orange County’s “How Do I Recycle . . .” website
Orange County 24-hour Recycling Drop-Off Sites

  • University Mall (4.1 miles from Pacifica) - closest
  • Cedar Falls Park (6 miles from Pacifica) - next closest

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NOTE: Shredded Paper must be bagged - ideally in paper bag, stapled shut

NOTE:  #1 & #6 plastic salad, berry, etc. containers and ‘clamshells’ are NOT recyclable.  Please re-consider purchasing products sold in non-recyclable containers.

What can I terracycle?

The following items can be terracycled in the designated dark blue collection bin near the mailboxes in the Common House. Please be sure the items are clean to prevent bugs.  ANY brand/size is accepted for all of the above items. PLEASE DO NOT discard of recyclables that are accepted by Orange County in this bin - those items should be placed in the large bins near the trash receptacles outside.