Virtual Tour

Virtual Tour

We hope the following photos will give you a taste of life in Pacifica. 

Our houses are as individual as we are. The bright turquoise metal roofs sure make us stand out on Google Maps!

The Common House is a shared space outfitted with a commercial kitchen, dining room, mail room, a small meeting room, children's playroom, laundry facilities, a long wraparound porch and two patio areas. These rooms are where we gather for community potlucks, workday breakfasts, holiday celebrations, committee meetings, and regular social events that include a book group, yoga, documentary film screenings, karaoke and game nights.

The adjacent Guest House provides three guest rooms and two baths that community members can reserve for out-of-town visitors. The patio is the site of many a warm-weather celebration, including our awesome 2015 4th of July cookout. Several people dragged their grills over for a communal grillfest, and two of our residents who are Revolutionary War re-enactors read the Declaration of Independence.

Then there was our pumpkin carving party, where everyone's creative juices were flowing...

Here's a view of our children's play area (with bonus glimpse of the larger of our two water cisterns) that is adjacent to the Common House.

The community has two large organic community gardens for those who want to grow their own veggies, herbs, berries and flowers in raised beds. Two rainwater cisterns supply water for the gardens. There are also fruit and nut trees planted throughout Pacifica. (One summertime community project was creating deer-repellent sachets to protect the blueberry bushes.) Landscaping in common areas uses mostly native plants and trees that lure birds and bees and provide year-round color, including Eastern asters, river oats, sourwood, redbud, water oak, and yes, the viburnum that inspired our street name.

The three filled bike sheds on the property are testament to the bikeability of the neighborhood. Restaurants and shops in downtown Carrboro and Chapel Hill, the UNC campus, scenic biking paths and shopping centers are all easily accessed on two wheels. (OK, there are some killer hills in Chapel Hill. What do you expect from a town with "hill" in its name?) 

Prefer buses to bikes? The free Chapel Hill Transit F bus runs along Greensboro Street, and the CW bus (also free) is just a couple blocks farther on Hillsborough Street. (And in August 2016, Go Triangle introduced bus service from downtown Carrboro to downtown Durham for $2.25.) And if you drive, you'll note that one of the distinctive features of Pacifica is that parking is limited to the perimeter of the community, keeping traffic out of the center--safer for the children and quieter all around.  

If you are the off-the beaten-pavement type, we've got that covered, too. Trails right off the parking areas lead to Bolin Creek and the Adams tract. Happy exploring.