Is Pacifica Right For Me

We think cohousing is great, but it’s not for everyone.

Are the houses shared?
No. Cohousing is more about connections than shared living arrangements. Each household lives in a private home, with individual residents setting their own balance between privacy and community. However, the design of cohousing means you’ll interact with neighbors when you pick up mail, walk to your car or work in your garden. Cohousing neighbors collaboratively manage shared space.

How much participation is required?
It takes time to keep the community running. Although no set level of participation is mandatory, we encourage all to attend monthly meetings and join at least one committee. Each household contributes four hours of community labor a month, either during our monthly workdays or at another time. Households that do not complete four hours community labor monthly are assessed a $16/hour fee for each hour of missing community labor in addition to HOA dues.

What socializing opportunities are there at Pacifica?
Pacifica is relatively large for cohousing, with 46 households and around 100 residents. That means we possess a terrific array of interests, talents, backgrounds and skills. However, we may be less socially intense than in a smaller community. We do have regular community meals and events, such as gatherings on the patio, film nights, snow day brunches, board game afternoons, yoga and more.

Do people get along? What happens if you have a conflict?
By and large, people get along well. That’s not to say conflict never occurs. It does. But it is generally defused through sensitivity and creative thinking. Generally residents resolve conflict through dialogue and thoughtful discussion. A conflict resolution committee exists to help residents work through tensions with others. Who makes decisions about how the community is run and operated?

All decisions affecting the community are made by the community. We strive to be democratic in all areas. Our process is based in consensus and is guided by our core values. The decision-making process may not be quick but it is thoughtful, open and inclusive.

We strive to manage HOA finances carefully and responsibly. Households that do not perform community labor are assessed a fee in addition to the monthly HOA dues. HOA fees include contributions to a cash reserve fund and we often assess future expenditures and income to ensure we’re on track.

Are there any special rules or guidelines in Pacifica?
There are a number of community guidelines that we have adopted over time through community decision-making, such as our Pet Policy. In addition, we are bound by the bylaws of the HOA. Here are links to some of these documents for potential home buyers:

Want to learn more about Pacifica?
Contact the Pacifica Cohousing Outreach Committee to learn about:

  • Attending an HOA meeting.
  • Joining us for a community meal.
  • Participating in a work day.

Want to learn more about co-housing?
Check out the National Cohousing Association