Building and Grounds

Does Pacifica maintain a list of recommended electricians, plumbers, auto body shops, etc?

The best way to get current information about local services such as electricians and plumbers is by sending out an email to the Pacifica listserve. It is very difficult to keep a list up to date, and contact information changes over time. And fellow Pacificans can provide information about types of service, experiences, pros and cons, cost, etc.

Who is responsible for staining stairs and decks on shared and individual properties?

The HOA is responsible for cleaning and staining the stairs and decks of the Common House, currently on a 3-year schedule.

According to the Master Convenants, each homeowner is responsible for the “general upkeep” of the area adjacent to their unit, including stairs, patios and decks, which are considered “common areas.” The HOA is responsible for “maintenance and repair,” which is a higher level of care and in the case of the stairs means cleaning and staining.

Why are there no streetlights?

Viburnum Way is a private street and Pacifica is responsible for its maintenance and lighting. The HOA has the authority to add or change the lighting along the parking areas and the “street” around the traffic circle and to the parking areas to the east and south. This is an area under review by the B&G Committee, so there may be proposals about lighting in the future for the HOA to consider.

What vehicles are allowed on the pathways and for how long? Can my moving truck drive on the paths?

This is a more difficult question than it may appear. The information below is subject to change as of April 2015, when the new Parking Committee is expected to address the issue.

FIRST, no motor vehicles are to be left unattended in the pathways under any circumstances. The pathways are intended for emergency vehicles.

SECOND, the pathways were not built to “street specifications”, thus saving considerable money. This means that large, commercial moving vans are strictly prohibited.

Are there any limits to what I can I put in my own attic? What if I want to put in more insulation?

Attics are the responsibility of the homeowner. You can choose to put in additional insulation or add planks to make attics more usable at your own discretion. Homeowners should NOT make any modifications that would affect roofing or siding.

In addition, modifications to the exterior of your house are governed by the Master Covenants - please contact the Architectural Review Committee if you are considering external modifications.